Torque Limiters

mayr Torque Limiter / Overload Clutch EAS-compact

The No. 1

0,65 -
1.000.000 Nm

Shaft Couplings

mayr Shaft Coupling and Metal Bellows Coupling

Experts for backlash- free, dynamic construction types

0,1 -
110.000 Nm

Safety Brakes

mayr Safety Brake ROBA-stop-M

The leading company for diverse industry sector-optimised solutions

1,1 -
50.000 Nm

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01.04.15 08:34

Light-weight and flexible

Fast acting rectifier ROBA®-multiswitch with variable output voltages

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12.03.15 08:04

Don’t get left out in the cold!

EAS-torque limiting clutches by mayr power transmission can cope with temperatures as low as -48°C

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