torque limiters, safety clutches and overload clutches

Torque limiters from the market leader

Limit torques or forces to the set value and thereby prevent expensive overload damage to machines and systems.

shaft couplings, metal bellow couplings and elastomer couplings

Backlash-free shaft couplings

Transmit torques between two shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment.

safety brakes, elevator brakes and stage brakes

Safety brakes

Reliably prevent uncontrolled movements, even on emergency stop and power failure occurrence. e.g. Elevator Brakes, Stage Brakes, Brakes for Wind Power Plants etc.

electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Energised to engage pole face clutches and brakes.

DC Drives

DC drives

High-quality DC drives with high protection types and optimum running characteristics.



Versatile accessory assortment  for Torque Limiters, Shaft Couplings, Safety Brakes and Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes.