Safety Brakes safe through fail-safe principle

ROBA-stop-M safety brake


The robust, cost-effective motor brake

  • Maintenance-free ( no re-adjustments necessary)
  • Easy installation
  • Completely enclosed brake housing in Protection IP 54 or IP 65
  • Insulation material class F
  • Can be used for 100% duty cycle
  • Short switching times

O-ring Installation ROBA-stop-M - mayr power transmission

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Installation and Operational Instructions

891.___._ (
ROBA-stop-M brakes Type 891.___._ Sizes 2 - 500 (for Hand Release)
891.___._ (
ROBA-stop-M brake Type 891.___._ Size 1000
891.___._ (b.8.1.en.pdf)
ROBA-stop-M Brake Type 891.___._ Sizes 2 - 500