Shaft Couplings backlash-free and flexible

ROBA-DS (steel) shaft coupling

ROBA®-DS (steel)

Compact, torsionally rigid, backlash-free shaft coupling

  • Very high performance density
  • Very high, consistent torsional rigidity
  • The full nominal torque can be transmitted, even in case of misalignments and alternating loads
  • Extremely robust
  • Can be used in temperatures of up to 250 °C
  • Nominal torque: 190 up to 110,000 Nm

your ROBA®-DS (steel) configure

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ROBA®-DS (steel)

Installation and Operational Instructions

952.___ / 953.___ (
ROBA-DS couplings Type 952.___ / Type 953.___ (Disk Pack HT) Sizes 16 - 160
950.___ / 951.___ (b.9.7.en.pdf)
ROBA-DS couplings Type 950.___ / Type 951.___ (disk pack HF) Sizes 16 - 2200

CAD Data