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Predictive maintenance – the crystal ball for your machines

Plan maintenance safely and efficiently with reliable data from the machine

Plan maintenance safely and efficiently with reliable data from the machine

Predictive maintenance is the goal of many machine operators. Knowing in advance when a component needs to be replaced or a service carried out provides security and enables efficient planning. The most important basis for this is reliable data from the machine – smart components already provide this data today in an uncomplicated and cost-effective manner.

The magicians‘ crystal ball is an object of longing – murmur a short formula and the crystal structure shows you the future. If you catch yourself sighing „I need that for my machines too“, you can get your hopes up. A magical crystal ball and clairvoyants are still only to be found in the realm of legends and fairy tales, but users can still get an insight into the machine and a glimpse of the future. Predictive maintenance is the magic word here.

Data as the basis for predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is made possible by more and more data that machines provide today. Smart, networked components constantly send information about their status. If these information modules are combined to form an overall picture, the result is a very clear picture of the condition and processes in the machine park. On this basis, the analysis possibilities offered by Big Data technologies also allow a look into the future. If, for example, the friction lining of a safety brake reaches the end of its service life, then such intelligent monitoring with characteristic data patterns could indicate this in good time. The maintenance date can then be scheduled in the long term for a time window that is favorable in terms of the overall operating process. The same applies to clutches installed in the drive train that provide measurement data. These data result in specific patterns which can be assigned to certain functional or damage patterns. The clutch thus becomes a glass ball, so to speak, for the condition of the drive train.

Reliable, smart solutions for the drive line

With the right technology, the drive line provides all the information needed for predictive maintenance. Based on permanent inspection, we offer solution concepts for predictive maintenance. With the smart components from mayr® drive technology, such as the ROBA®-brake-checker or measuring couplings such as the ROBA®-DSM, the drive train can already become a source of data today and open a view into the future. Almost magic – and already available now.

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