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mayr® - an attractive employer

At the headquarters in Mauerstetten, mayr® power transmission produce a wide range of products from the fields of mechanical and electrical power transmission.

The product range includes backlash-free shaft couplings, torque limiters, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, safety brakes, high-quality DC drives as well as electronic devices for brakes and clutches. Today, mayr® power transmission is the technological leader, with numerous renowned machinery manufacturers trusting in the holistic solutions provided by the Mauerstetten-based company.

We offer our employees

  • Secure jobs, based on the strategy of a family-run company
  • Job opportunities opening up interesting prospects
  • Attractive training and further development offers
  • Above-average benefits
  • Flexible working timeExcellent apprenticeships with optimum leaving certificates
  • Our own apprenticeship workshop
  • Fun at work
  • A great work climate

A workplace in a region with high recreational value and a wide selection of culture, art, entertainment and sports.

Mrs. Gabriele Müller
Head of Human Resources
Tel.: 08341 804-125

Internships in the commercial sector

Mr. Wolfgang Faller
Personel Officer
Tel.: 08341 804-123

Recruitment in the industrial sector
Holiday workers

Mr. Christoph Dropmann
Head of Development
Tel.: 08341 804-311

2nd practical semester
Diploma theses
Working students
Studies with extensive practical experience

Mr. Thomas Waldmann
Head of Apprenticeship Workshop
Tel.: 08341 804-363

1st practical semester
Internships in the technical sector