Vocational training

Training at mayr® for a secure future

An apprenticeship at mayr® represents the basis for a secure future. We offer a wide range of different training occupations in industrial, technical and commercial fields.
Technical jobs are no longer male domains ! Female applicants have equal opportunities at our company. So take your courage in your hands!
Our training occupations:

  • Industrial mechanics
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Technical product designer
  • IT specialist application development
  • IT specialist system integration
  • Industrial clerks
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Media designer

Application Guidelines

How do I apply for a job correctly?

The following should be included in a complete application:

  • Cover letter
  • Recent application photo
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Copies of your last two school certificates

In your cover letter, you inform us for which apprenticeship position you would like to apply and why you have decided on this vocation in particular. Of course, we are also interested to hear why you want to do your apprenticeship at mayr.

What happens after the application?

First of all we notify you that we have received your application. In this way, you can be certain that it has arrived at our company safely. Now you will have to remain patient until the final deadline for applications has expired. If your application is of the appropriate quality, you will then be invited to an assessment test. After evaluation of the tests, we will hold an interesting application afternoon with the selected applicants and our Heads of Apprenticeship so that we can mutually get to know one another better as a group. After that, we make the decision as to which applicants are to be taken on as new mayr apprentices. The apprenticeship will start in the September of the following year.

Final deadline for applications

The final deadline for applications regarding apprenticeships starting in September of the following year is 1 September of the current year.