History The success story of a traditional company

Christian Mayr, the grandfather of today’s company owner, founded the Mayr carpenter’s workshop specialising in mill structures. The company produced transmissions for saw mills and mills.

The first three mayr generations in the year 1942 (from l. to r.): Founder Christian Mayr; Fritz Mayr, the current company owner and his father Fritz Mayr sen.

The German Patent Office grants the first property rights for slip clutches. Two years later, the successful era of mayr®-overload clutches begins with the production of mechanical clutches and slip clutches.

The EAS®-torque limiters are launched onto the market. The company sets up the first foreign representative in Austria.

Fritz Mayr takes over the company management from his father, and continues to run the business in the third generation.

The ROBA®-slip hubs are included in the product portfolio. The electromagnetic ROBA-stop®-safety brakes and the ROBATIC®-electromagnetic clutches follow shortly after.

The second foreign representative is set up in Switzerland. Only one year later, representative contracts for France and Italy are also signed.

The Kaufbeuren location becomes too small. The company, with its 70 employees, moves from Kaufbeuren to Mauerstetten into a new production facility with an area of 4,500 square metres.

The company keeps on growing, and enlarges the production area to more than 9,000 square metres. The development and manufacture of shaft couplings is begun with the ROBA®-D.

With the construction of the Customer Service Centre featuring an integrated high-rack warehouse, the site increases to 12,000 square metres. Branch offices in the USA, France and Italy as well as numerous foreign representatives are added in the following years.

Far-sighted business management and agreements to secure jobs allow the company to survive the severe engineering crisis without any lay-offs. The company now employs more than 300 employees. The production plant in Poland is founded.

The patent for the innovative mayr® noise damping for safety brakes at the end of the 90’s represents the starting signal for yet another success story. Because of it, mayr® brakes still play a pioneering role in the elevator and stage branch today.

The branch office in China is founded. The sales network now spans the globe.

Through the construction of a new plant, mayr® Poland is turned into a high-performance supplier for the headquarters in Mauerstetten.

After several extensions to the production and administration areas at the company's headquarter in Mauerstetten, the company continues to grow, employing approximately 1,000 employees worldwide.

mayr® Poland commences production at a new, approximately 6,000 sqm large, modern production hall. In China a new factory with close to 8,000 sqm production area is being built in close proximity to the already existing subsidiary.

Investments to secure the company location in the Allgäu region long-term: The headquarter in Mauerstetten is being extended with a new, approximately 5,000 sqm large hall. Within the course of the year, construction of a new, modern building complex will begin; there, visitors will be welcomed, products will be presented and conferences, training courses and special events will take place.

The new, large logistics and assembly hall is completed and completely occupied. With 4,500 m2 assembly and 600 m2 office area, the hall provides space for 150 employees. Dispatch is also now located in this hall, and processes the delivery via the modern system.

mayr® power transmission is equipping itself for the future with the new “mayr.com” Communications Centre.

The modern, architecturally sophisticated, round building complex offers, in addition to additional office area, a generously-sized exhibition and conference area over a total of 3,500 m2. “mayr.com” is the new representative centre of the company for customer and visitor support, training and further training and communications.

With Ferdinand Mayr, the grandson of Fritz Mayr, the fifth generation is to enter the management at mayr® power transmission. In this way, three Chief Executive Officers will in future work across the generations to provide safety, reliability and innovation.