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Reliable clutches and couplings for high-speed applications

mayr ® power transmission at the Testing Expo 2024
Reliable clutches and couplings for high-speed applications

Drive axes in the high-speed range require reliable clutches and couplings – both for overload protection and for the compensation of shaft misalignment. mayr® power transmission will be presenting their latest developments for the test bench technology area at the Testing Expo 2024 in Stuttgart (Hall 8, Stand 8126).


Based on the proven ROBA®-DS steel disk pack coupling, mayr® power transmission developed a weight-optimized aluminium version. Compared to the steel version, the outer diameter of this new design has been reduced by up to 10 mm; the mass and mass inertia range from 40% to 60% of the steel version, depending on the design and size. The performance density, however, remains unchanged.
It is tailored to meet the requirements of high-speed applications, for example in the field of test bench technology. 

Shaft misalignment compensation couplings are decisive accessory parts in test stands, as they minimize the interference parameters affecting the measurement flange. These interference parameters or so-called parasitic forces frequently occur due to alignment errors in the drive line. This means, misalignments between the input and the output sides occur in almost all applications. Shaft misalignment compensation couplings are therefore used together with the measurement flange. Here it is important that the geometric basis is correct and that the couplings are already designed for measurement flanges and high speeds in their standard version. It is important to find a balance between rigidity and elasticity in order to avoid restoring forces on the system.

The decisive criterion of mayr® couplings is that they are compact and of high performance density. Also designs made of steel must already be characterized by a low mass and mass inertia and at the same time achieve high speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. Then there is precision manufacturing with only a few interfaces, as well as smooth running and high balance quality. So, in general it is important that customers always consider the application when selecting the coupling and the material. Here, however, it is necessary to weigh up between the material properties, e.g. weight, rigidity or fatigue strength, and the final customer application, i.e. the actual speeds, load alterations, load cycles, bearing distances and bore diameters. And last but not least, of course, the price/performance ratio also matters.

Reliable overload protection at high speeds

If in a test stand the torque exceeds the limit value set on the torque limiter, the clutch disengages and separates the input and output within fractions of a second. After an overload occurrence, the measurement shaft therefore has to be recalibrated at worst, any further expensive damage to the drive line or test piece, however, is prevented reliably by the torque limiter. The EAS®-HSE torque limiters by mayr® power transmission transmit torques backlash-free and with high torsional rigidity. Moreover, they are very compact and boast a low mass moment of inertia with a high performance density. The compact, high-performance design of the clutches is achievedthanks to a small outer diameter in combination with a relatively large bore diameter. And also the integrated elements, via which the torque is transmitted on mayr® power transmission clutches are specially selected and symmetrically arranged. Ultimately, the following applies for the design: Bore diameter, outer diameter and element size must be harmonious in order to obtain a low-vibration system that works precisely in the event of actuation.


mayr® power transmission at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Hall 8, Booth 8126.

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