Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes



Electromagnetic, energise to engaged pole face clutches

  • Consistent switching behaviour over the entire service lifetime
  • High torque security due to optimised magnetic circuit
  • High performance density
  • Low magnetic leakage flux
  • Minimum wear due to large friction surfaces and smooth switching behaviour
  • Large permitted shaft diameter
  • Short switching times
  • Low-noise operation
  • Safe function up to wear limit


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All Installation and Operational Instructions

500.1__ / 580.1__ (b.5.0.gb.pdf)
ROBATIC-clutch Type 500.1__ and Type 580.1__ Sizes 3 - 9
540.1__ (b.5.1.gb.pdf)
ROBATIC-clutch Type 540.1__ sizes 3 - 9
500.20_.0 / 500.21_.0 (b.5.3.en.pdf)
ROBATIC Type 500.20_.0 and Type 500.21_.0 Sizes 3 to 7
ROBATIC, ROBA-quick, ROBA-takt
500.30_.0 (b.5.5.gb.pdf)
ROBATIC-clutch Type 500.30_.0 Sizes 3 - 7 (double-flow)

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