Phase rectifier

Phase rectifier:

  • Input voltage 100 - 500 VAC
  • EMC-compliant installation possible
  • Switches automatically to holding voltag

Phase rectifiers are used to connect DC loads to an AC power supply. The automatic switchover from overexcitation voltage to holding voltage enables brakes to be supplied with a holding voltage to shorten the switching time with overexcitation and to reduce the power loss after the armature disk has been attracted.

The phase rectifier is designed for operation on an input voltage of 230 or 400 VAC. After switching on the input voltage, the coil is energized with an overexcitation voltage. After the overexcitation time has elapsed, the unit automatically switches to holding voltage. In addition, the phase rectifier has an integrated automatic DC-side disconnection. In contrast to conventional DC-side disconnection, no further protective measures or external components are required. The DC-side disconnection is activated by default (terminals 3 and 4 not connected) and leads to short switching times of the electromagnetic loads. By installing a bridge between terminals 3 and 4, the integrated automatic DC-side disconnection is deactivated and the coil is de-energized via an internal freewheeling diode. The advantages are smooth deceleration and a quiet switching noise. However, the switching times are significantly longer (approx. 6 - 10 times).