Product Innovations

Perfect overload protection for drives which are hard to access

EAS®-reverse – Disengaging torque limiters with automatic re-engagement

Also in heavy mechanical engineering, machines and systems are becoming increasingly compact, thus making it harder to access the drives. And yet precisely these machines require reliable overload protection. Therefore, mayr® power transmission has developed a new, disengaging torque limiter called the EAS®-reverse, on which all functional processes can be automated via the drive alone. It is easy to handle, permits long run-out times and re-engages automatically by rotating backwards slowly. A housing also makes this clutch resistant to dust or water spray.

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True power packages

Pneumatic safety brakes with the same power as hydraulics

A compact safety brake in a small construction space with high forces and all this without using hydraulics – mayr® power transmission has developed a new, high-performance, pneumatically-released version of the  ROBA®-guidestop profiled rail brake. With this innovative braking concept, which fulfils the ever-increasing safety requirements and achieves a high performance density without the use of hydraulics the company sets new standards.

In order to achieve the necessary operating pressure, a compact pressure booster is used in combination with the brake, which increases the pressure existing in the system purely mechanically and without external energy. This innovative concept enables a selective pressure increase directly prior to the individual brake. The concept requires little space, is simple, reliable and efficient.


Couplings provide accurate measuring results

Backlash-free, torsionally rigid ROBA®-DS shaft couplings for measuring flanges in dynamometers

Essential components for torque measuring flanges in test benches are shaft couplings, which reliably compensate for any shaft misalignments. In this way, they ensure accurate measuring results and also protect the bearings installed into the shaft train against wear. Based on the tried and tested, backlash-free and torsionally rigid ROBA®-DS construction series, mayr® power transmission offers compensating couplings which are specially tailored to the high requirements placed on them in measuring flanges.


ROBA®-brake-checker: A permanent overview of the brake operating conditions

Innovative monitoring solutions for safety brakes

With the new, intelligent brake control module, ROBA®-brake-checker, mayr® power transmission is setting new standards in the monitoring of electromagnetic safety brakes. The module is not only able to energise brakes, but can also monitor them without the use of sensors.


New electronic braking torque regulation for ROBA-stop safety brakes

Smart switching - adapted braking

In contrast to car brakes, safety brakes can only distinguish between two operating conditions due to their design; namely "braking torque applied" and "no braking torque applied". This is the reason why every braking procedure is carried out with the maximum braking torque available. Just as in a car, gradual, even deceleration is also often desired for devices and machine applications with dynamic braking actions. The new, intelligent braking torque control module ROBA®-torqcontrol by mayr® power transmission therefore offers an economically attractive solution to generate a variable braking torque for ROBA-stop safety brakes, making it possible to decelerate machines evenly and gently.


ROBA-multiswitch with variable output voltage

Lightweight and flexible

In power transmission, electromagnetic safety brakes are normally controlled through rectifiers. They connect the brakes as DC consumers to the alternating voltage supply. The control cabinets into which these circuit modules are integrated are often limited in terms of both space and weight. Therefore, mayr® power transmission has developed the compact rectifiers of the ROBA®-switch series. They are significantly smaller and lighter than the big standard transformers frequently used. mayr® power transmission offers a ROBA®-multiswitch fast acting rectifier design featuring a uniform input voltage of 230 VAC with simultaneous variable output voltage. The output voltage of 42 to 180 VDC can be adjusted via a DIP switch. This means that this module not only saves weight and reduces space requirements, but also permits the control of different components.

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Safe brake control – applicable up to PLe and SIL CL3

In order for safety brakes to contribute towards risk reduction in machines and systems, they require a reliable control system. The safe brake control ROBA®-SBC is technically superior in every respect with regard to safety contactor circuits. The module, which has been type examination tested by the TÜV (Technical Inspectorate), can be deployed up to the highest Performance Level PLe and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

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Contactless release monitoring

Leading-edge technology provided by the market leader: Contactless release monitoring for ROBA-stop® safety brakes.

mayr® power transmission sets new standards with its contactless release monitoring in safety brakes. The system, featuring a proximity switch, is wear-free, robust, magnetic field-resistant and absolutely reliable.

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