Safety Brakes safe through fail-safe principle



Safety brake system for brake disks

  • Cost-effective, patented solution for high braking torques
  • Redundancy function acc. EN 81 in two-brake arrangements
  • Prototype-inspected as protective equipment against excessive upward speeds (ABV 08495)
  • With patented alignment mechanism to avoid sliding noise
  • Patented noise damping for quiet operation
  • Can be released electrically and mechanically without direct access to the drive
  • Installation of microswitches for function monitoring possible
  • Easy installation with no adjustment work required
  • High energy absorption capability


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All Installation and Operational Instructions

894.5__.__ / 894.6__.__ (b.8.4.3.en.pdf)
ROBA-diskstop 894.5__.__ / 894.6__.__Sizes 6 - 8
894.2__.__ (b.8.4.4.en.pdf)
ROBA-diskstop Type 894.2__.__ Size 10
ROBA-diskstop Type 894.5__.__ size 9 and 10

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