Safety Brakes safe through fail-safe principle



Decelerate reliable and safety – Clamp rigidly and backlash-free

  • Maximum safety due to fail-safe principle
  • Design uses two braking circuits for double the holding force or a redundant function
  • Safety and reliability thanks to direct, backlash-free clamping
  • High degree of rigidity up to the full nominal force
  • Very high holding forces
  • Designed for standard linear guides

The backlash-free and rigid clamping

  • Reinforces the NC axis
  • Is gentle on the ball screw spindle
  • Improves process accuracy
  • Increases the machining performance


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All Installation and Operational Instructions

384.0_0.0 (b.384.en.pdf)
ROBA-guidestop hydraulic Type 384_.0_0__ Sizes 35 - 65
b.385.en (b.385.en.pdf)
ROBA-guidestop pneumatic Type 385_.0____ Sizes 25 - 65
Pressure booster Type 3880

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