Torque Limiters Overload Protection using Torque Limitation



The torque limiting clutch integrated into IEC and NEMA housings.

  • Backlash-free torque limiting clutch
  • Integrated limit switch
  • Ratchetting, synchronous and overload designs
  • Standardised connection dimensions


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All Installation and Operational Instructions
EAS-HTL housed clutch Sizes 02 - 3
490._24.0 (b.4.15.1.en.pdf)
EAS-HTL housed overload clutch Sizes 01 - 3 Type 490._24.0
490._24.0X (b.4.15.1.atex.en.pdf)
EAS-HTL housed overload clutch Sizes 01 - 3 Type 490._24.0X
490._24.2X (b.4.15.6.atex.en.pdf)
EAS-HTL housed overload clutch, Sizes 4 and 5 Type 490._24.2X
EAS-HTL housed overload clutch, Type 4190._3400 Sizes 01 – 3
EAS -HTL housed overload clutch, Type 4190._5400 Sizes 4 and 5

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