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Profiled rail brake

Safety brake and backlash-free, highly rigid clamping unit for profiled rail guides

  • Maximum safety thanks to extremely high holding forces
    and the fail-safe principle
  • Design uses two braking circuits for double the
    holding force or a redundant function
  • Safety and reliability thanks to direct,
    backlash-free and rigid clamping

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Safety Brake

The ROBA®-topstop® brake is specially designed for vertical and inclined axes.

The brake increases the safety of vertical axes and is a suitable safety component for fulfilling the EN ISO 13849-1 standard in machines.

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Torque Limiter

The backlash-free torque limiter EAS®-Compact® limits torques precisely to the set value. It thus prevents expensive overload damages in case of collisions.

The torque can be adjusted finely/gradually. EAS® torque limiters are available in synchronous, ratcheting and overload designs or as a torque sensor clutch.

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Torque Limiter
EAS®-element clutch

Torque limiters based on the EAS®-elements are specially designed for high torque values as well as high speeds.

EAS®-element clutches disconnect the input and output on overload residual torque-free. The saved rotation energy can run out freely, which can prevent expensive overload damages.

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Shaft Coupling

The backlash-free, plug-in type steel bellows coupling primeflex compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments.

Due to the patented design details, the clutch can be removed without damaging the steel bellows, even after longer periods of operation.

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Shaft Coupling

The backlash-free disk pack coupling compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments.

It is characterised by a high level of torsional rigidity, temperature resistance and the robust construction.

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Shaft Coupling

The backlash-free, plug-in type shaft coupling ROBA®-ES damps critical vibrations and compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments.

Torsional rigidity and damping behaviour can be adjusted via the shore hardness of the elastic element.

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Safety Brake

The ROBA®-twinstop® is an elevator brake specially developed for compact drives.

Key characteristics:

  • Maximum safety due to redundancy
  • Extremely short design
  • Virtually silent due to patented mayr noise damping
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation

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Safety Brake

Not only clamping, but also dynamic braking - acan be mounted onto standards-based cylinder acc. ISO 15552.

  • Reliable dynamic braking
  • Closed spring-loaded
  • Opened pneumatically
  • Fail-safe principle

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Shaft Coupling
ROBA®-DS for high torques

The ROBA®-DS shaft coupling by mayr power transmission transmits drive torques up to the nominal torque completely backlash-free and with permanently high torsional spring rigidity. The specified shaft misalignments can be 100 % utilised without affecting the transmittable torque. This guarantees unlimited use.

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Torque Limiter

The backlash-free torque limiter EAS®-dutytorque limits torques, thereby preventing expensive overload damages in case of collisions.

The EAS®-dutytorque is a reliable and robust clutch, which can be removed radially.

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Consistent-torque continuous slip clutch

The consistent-torque continuous slip clutch with magnetic hysteresis principle.

  • Precise torque limitation
  • Contactless torque transmission
  • Wear-free and maintenance-free
  • Load holding
  • Can be used as clutch or brake

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