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Safe rack and pinion brake

  • Safe holding of the axis via manufacturer-assembled brake module with pinion shaft
  • Independent, electromagnetically released safety brake system
  • Integrated release monitoring
  • Sealed brake housing
  • Possibility of individual dimensioning and design of the brake configuration
  • Easy installation
  • Easy implementation of a redundant brake system (acc. Category 3) via attachment of a second ROBA-pinionstop brake or via application of an additional brake on the servomotor

ROBA®-pinionstop safety brakes are dimensioned and designed individually. Contact us! We are happy to help you find the optimum solution for your application. (The basis for the ROBA®-pinionstop is mainly the construction series ROBA-stop®-M (catalogue K.891.V_ _._ _). Depending on the installation situation, the toothed rack profile and the technical requirements, we create the appropriate brake for you with an integrated pinion.)

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