A permanent overview of the brake operating conditions

  • sensorless condition monitoring
  • maximum operational safety by revealing safety-critical conditions and errors prior to their occurrence
  • not only able to energise safety brakes, but also to monitor them
  • reliable and wear-free, independent of the cycle frequency and count
  • can be used for a wide range of ROBA-stop® brakes
  • can be easily, quickly and inexpensively integrated, also into existing system

Safety becomes visible

  • In addition to the signal itself, the module also supplies for example through an optical interface, data on the switching time, the current, the voltage, the resistance, the power and the relative attraction current.
  • Using an evaluation programme, the customer can see whether everything is running smoothly or whether there is work that needs to be done.
  • Maintenance becomes plannable and also remote maintenance is possible.

your ROBA®-brake-checker configure

For your Configuration


All Installation and Operational Instructions

ROBA-brake-checker plus DC Type 028.100.2
ROBA-brake-checker plus AC Type 029.700.2
ROBA-brake-checker AC Type 059.500.2
ROBA-brake-checker plus DC Type 028.600.2
ROBA-brake-checker DC Type 058.600.2

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