Piston Rod Brakes

Safety for linear movements

Piston Rod Brakes

Piston rod brakes from mayr® power transmission operate according to the fail-safe principle, i.e. they are closed in an energy-free state. They act on a rod and brake independently of the existing drive system. They can be easily retrofitted into existing constructions. These linear brakes close by spring pressure and are opened pneumatically, hydraulically or electromagnetically - depending on the selected operating principle.

The piston rod brakes from mayr® power transmission are suitable as a clamping unit for holding or also for dynamic braking. The brakes do not reinforce themselves during clamping and ensure backlash-free power transmission in both directions of movement.

Piston Rod Brakes

  • Safe due to fail-safe principle
  • Short switching times
  • High power density
  • Long service life
  • Clamps without self-reinforcement