ROBA-DSM®: The Measuring Machine Element

ROBA-DSM®: The Measuring Machine Element

  • Monitors test-stands, machines, plants
  • Measuring Machine Element
  • 补偿轴偏移
  • 扭转刚性
  • 零间隙

ROBA® -DSM couplings are torque measuring systems.

They are based on torsionally stiff ROBA®-DS shaft couplings and transmit torques almost backlash-free. They compensate angular misalignments, axial misalignments and radial misalignments of the shafts to be connected.


  • 应用
  • 用于试验台、机器和系统的监测
  • 适于伺服驱动器
  • 规格
  • 旋转刚性
  • 防喷水(适应工业要求的外壳和插入式连接器)
  • 优点
  • 补偿轴向、径向和角度轴偏移
  • 耐振动和耐能量输入端所引起的偏移量
  • 安装和维护
  • 使用无需轴承
  • 在传动链上空间需求少,无需扭矩支撑
  • 温度
  • 温度范围从 -20 °C 到 +70 °C


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