ROBA-stop®-M Eco: Robust and reliable

ROBA-stop®-M Eco: Robust and reliable

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A new version of the proven Roba-stop®-M brake is now available. The Roba-stop®-M Eco combines the robustness and reliability of the proven Roba-stop®-M while concentrating on the basic functionality of a safety brake.

The slim and resource-efficient solution for series applications! Three construction sizes in two designs cover braking torques up to 32 Nm.

ROBA-stop®-M safety brakes are designed for installation at the free shaft end. They ensure reliable holding and can decelerate moving masses or loads in motion. In case of power failure, a fault or malfunction of the servo brake in the drive motor, ROBA-stop®-M brakes hold the axis in any position and therefore prevent an uncontrolled fall or crash. This not only protects the employees against injury, but also the drive, the tools, and the workpieces to be processed against damage.

The ROBA-stop®-M brake is a spring-applied, electromagnetic safety brake.

In de-energized condition, helical springs press against the armature disk. The rotor is held between the armature disk and the corresponding mounting surface of the machine. The shaft is braked via the toothed hub.

When the power is switched on, a magnetic field is built up. The armature disk is attracted against the spring pressure to the coil carrier. The rotor is released, and the shaft is able to rotate freely.

The brake brakes reliably and safely in the event of a power switch-off, a power failure, or an EMERGENCY STOP.


  • Posição de montagem
  • Montagem na extremidade do eixo livre
  • Aplicação
  • Freio de motor robusto
  • Ciclo de serviço
  • Podem ser usados para ciclo de serviço de 100%
  • Segurança
  • Seguro pelo princípio Fail-safe
  • Vantagens
  • Curtos tempos de resposta
  • Montagem e manutenção
  • Montagem fácil
  • Baixa manutenção
  • Tipo de construção - Tipo de proteção
  • Alojamento de freio fechado
  • Tipo de proteção IP54
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