ROBA®-servostop® Classic: Classic spring-applied safety brake for servomotors

ROBA®-servostop® Classic: Classic spring-applied safety brake for servomotors

  • High braking torque
  • Wear-resistant - large number of emergency stops allowed
  • 安装方便

Classic series for installation both in the A-bearing side and the B-bearing side of servomotors.

The ROBA®‑servostop® Classic is a spring-applied, electromagnetic safety brake.

When the brake is closed, the rotor with the friction linings is held between the armature disk and the flange plate. When the power to the installed magnetic coil is switched on, the magnetic field pulls the armature disk against the force of the springs towards the coil carrier. The brake is released.


  • 应用
  • 伺服电机的完美安全制动器
  • 安装位置
  • 在伺服电机中,A 侧和 B 侧
  • 工作周期
  • 适用于 100% 工作周期
  • 安全
  • 采用失效安全机制 ,所以安全可靠
  • 适合急停制动
  • 优点
  • 允许高摩擦功
  • 低转动惯量
  • 规格
  • 电磁
  • 设备
  • 简单牢固的结构
  • 安装和维护
  • 安装方便
  • 不需要对轴进行轴向定位。
  • 维护需求少
  • 温度
  • 适用温度最高 120 °
  • 绝缘等级 F


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ROBA®-servostop® Classic

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