ROBA® 滑动轴套: 保持负载的摩擦锁定安全离合器

ROBA® 滑动轴套: 保持负载的摩擦锁定安全离合器

  • 可通用
  • 负载保持
  • 摩擦联结
  • 安装方便
  • 低磨损

ROBA® is a trade name which has been the symbol of quality and experience in clutch construction for decades. A comprehensive range of torque limiters has originated from the robust jaw clutch (ROBA®-safety slip clutch).

ROBA®-slip hub devices are simple to use. The torque table makes it possible to set the torque according to a scale and offers considerably simplified installation. ROBA®-slip hubs are reasonably priced drive elements which protect machinery and equipment against costly damage, and against downtimes resulting from time-consuming repairs. As a result of their high-strength materials and careful manufacture with optimum utilization of space, ROBA®-slip hubs are smaller than similar clutches on the market.

ROBA® 滑动轴套是一种摩擦锁合安全离合器。



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  • 应用
  • 可通用
  • 带有链轮、齿轮或者皮带轮的机器驱动装置
  • 包装机械
  • 运输机械和设备
  • 工程机械
  • 纺织机械
  • 农业机械
  • 输送机系统
  • 输送设备
  • 供料设备
  • 在化学工业装置中
  • 在常规机械制造的装置设备中
  • 过载时的表现
  • 负载保持
  • 规格
  • 摩擦联结
  • 安装和维护
  • 安装方便
  • 无级的扭矩调整
  • 低磨损
  • 优点
  • 高精度脱开和复位


Product configurator

ROBA® 滑动轴套

Here you will get:

  • 绘图为PDF和TIFF
  • 二维和三维CAD交换文件
  • An individual offer

Technical explanations

Note on performance limits

The friction power parameters (slipping speed, slip time, and set torque) may not be exceeded in order to avoid overheating the friction linings of the torque limiter.


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