Rail Brakes - Backlash-free and rigid holding and clamping

Backlash-free and rigid holding and clamping

Rail Brakes

The rail brakes from mayr® power transmission are safety brakes, i.e. they operate according to the fail-safe principle. They are closed in the de-energised state. The backlash-free, highly rigid clamping units are available for all common linear guideways. For particularly high holding forces or a redundant design, they are available with two braking circuits. Even in the single-circuit version, they offer very high holding forces and are torsionally stiff up to the full nominal force.

The backlash-free, rigid clamping...

... stiffens the NC axis
... protects the ball screw
... improves the process accuracy
... increases the cutting performance

Rail Brakes

  • Low maintenance
  • Applicable for 100 % ED
  • Optimal for vertical axes
  • Safe due to fail-safe principle

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