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In the field of robotics and automation, mayr® power transmission has developed high-performance safety brakes which are perfectly tailored to the demands of robots. They permanently ensure the reliable protection of people and materials, and prove themselves every day in numerous robotics applications worldwide. Irrespective of whether in industrial robots which collaborate with people in production lines, in medical engineering or in fairground attractions in theme parks – safety does not allow for compromises. For the predictive maintenance of the safety brakes mayr® power transmission offers intelligent solution concepts.

Besides brakes, the clutches/couplings by mayr® power transmission also render reliable services in robotics and automated solutions. A wide spectrum of backlash-free, high-performance servo couplings ensures a reliable connection between shafts. These proven torque limiters stand for permanently reliable overload protection – for maximum operating safety and productivity.

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ROBA®-servostop® Cobot: Spring-applied safety brake for lightweight robots configurable
ROBA®-servostop® Cobot
Shaft Mounted Brakes
  • Can be integrated into very small installation spaces
  • Ideal for hollow shafts
  • High performance density
Shaft Mounted Brakes
  • Installation A-bearing-side
  • Modular safety system
  • Holds even with the motor removed
ROBA-stop®-M: Robust motor brake configurable
Shaft Mounted Brakes
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy installation
  • Enclosed brake housing
ROBA®-servostop® Classic: Classic spring-applied safety brake for servomotors configurable
ROBA®-servostop® Classic
Shaft Mounted Brakes
  • High braking torque
  • Wear-resistant - large number of emergency stops allowed
  • Easy installation
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