Electromagnetic clutches

Electromagnetic clutches:

Electromagnetic, power-operated clutches from mayr® power transmission close when a DC voltage is applied and transmit torque frictionally. As soon as the current is cut, springs open the clutch. The electromagnetic clutches operate quietly and reliably up to their wear limit and short switching times and high switching frequencies allow high cycle frequencies in a wide range of applications. The switching behaviour remains constant over the entire service life making the clutches extremely reliable and enabling precise positioning. As a result, electromagnetic clutches from mayr® power transmission ensure high operational safety for machines and systems. They are maintenance-free up to their wear limit which reduces both downtime and operating costs. The compact design of mayr® electromagnetic clutches offers a very high power density and allows them to be easily integrated into different applications.

Electromagnetic clutches
  • Low noise level
  • Long service life
  • High torque security
  • Low friction work
  • Applicable for 100 % ED
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