ROBATIC®: Electromagnetic, “energize to engage” pole face clutch

ROBATIC®: Electromagnetic, “energize to engage” pole face clutch

  • Low noise level
  • Long service lifetime
  • High torque security
  • Low friction work
  • Can be used for 100 % duty cycle

The ROBATIC® is an “energize to engage”, electromagnetic pole face clutch. When DC voltage is applied to the magnetic coil, a magnetic field is built up. The armature disk is attracted to the rotor with friction lining. The torque is transmitted via frictional locking. The torque is transmitted from the drive element via the armature disk and the rotor to the output shaft. After having de-energized the coil, a membrane spring draws back the armature disk to the drive element (e.g. belt pulley). In this way, the transmission of forces is disconnected.

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Product features

  • Application
  • Preferred for static and virtually static applications
  • Benefits
  • Long service lifetime
  • Short switching times
  • High torque security with low friction work
  • Construction - Protection class
  • Electric: protection IP54
  • Temperature
  • Temperature range from -20 °C to 40 °C
  • Class of insulation F
  • Duty cycle
  • Can be used for 100 % duty cycle


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