Metal bellows couplings - Torsionally stiff shaft couplings

Metal bellows couplings: Torsionally stiff shaft couplings

The patented design of the mayr® metal bellows couplings guarantees freedom from maintenance and compactness: The torsionally flexible shaft couplings prevent misalignments in axial as well as in radial or angular misalignment directions. The couplings achieve long service lives with trouble-free assembly: Temperatures of up to 250° C, high torques or pressure loads are withstood without damage by the components made of steel and high-strength aluminium alloys.

This is what distinguishes our metal bellows couplings:

  • Excellent concentricity.
  • Positive locking, easy assembly
  • Maintenance-free
Metal bellows couplings
  • Suitable for servo drives
  • Compensation of shaft misalignment
  • Torsionally stiff
  • Flexible modular system
  • Backlash Free
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