smartflex®: Reliable, flexible and permanently backlash-free metal bellows coupling

smartflex®: Reliable, flexible and permanently backlash-free metal bellows coupling

  • Suitable for servo drives
  • Compensation of shaft misalignment
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Flexible modular system
  • Backlash-free

smartflex® are plug-in metal bellows couplings. They connect shafts and transmit torques torsionally rigidly and backlash-free. In doing so, they compensate for angular misalignment, axial displacement, and radial misalignment.

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Product features

  • Application
  • Suitable for servo drives
  • For ultra-dynamic drives with high speeds
  • Design
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Flexible modular system
  • Benefits
  • Compensation of axial, angular and radial misalignments
  • Backlash-free

Application examples

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Here you will get:

  • Drawings as pdf and tiff
  • 2D and 3D cad exchange files
  • An individual offer

Technical explanations

Parts list

Parts list
  • 1 Steel bellows
  • 2 Clamping ring
  • 3 Holding spring
  • 4 Cap screw
  • 5 Reducing bushing
  • 6 Reducing bushing with tapered bore
  • 7 Washer

State of delivery

  • packed individually in folding boxes or
  • plugged together and secured with cable ties
  • Bores in the reducing bushings (5) and reducing bushing with tapered bore (6) are designed with H7 tolerances.

Adapting to the shaft diameter

The reducing bushing (5) can be pressed out of the clamping ring (2) and replaced using axial pressure (manually or on a small hand press).

Shaft requirements

  • Surface quality: 1.6 µm
  • Run-out accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Minimum tensile strength: 500 N/mm2
  • Tolerance: h6
  • For other tolerances, please contact the manufacturer.


smartflex® couplings transmit the torque backlash-free and compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignment.

Temperature resistance

Permanent temperature up to +120 °C (higher temperatures on request)

Installation position



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