ROBA-stop®-M Servo-Pitch: For servomotors and regulated AC drives

ROBA-stop®-M Servo-Pitch: For servomotors and regulated AC drives

  • Designed especially for pitch drives
  • 封闭式制动器外壳
  • 功率密度高
  • 允许高摩擦功

ROBA-stop®-M safety brakes are designed for installation at the free shaft end. They ensure reliable holding and can decelerate moving masses or loads in motion. In case of power failure, a fault, or malfunction of the servo brake in the drive motor, the ROBA-stop®-M brakes hold the axis in any position. This protects the drive and the system from damage.

The application-optimized design of the ROBA-stop®-M safety brakes is suitable especially for pitch drives in wind turbines, which place very high demands on performance density and temperatures. Suitable for applications with ambient temperatures up to +90 °C and temperatures at the mounting flange up to max. +120 °C.

These brakes are perfectly designed for use in pitch servomotors as well as in controlled AC drives.

The ROBA-stop®-M brake is a spring-applied, electromagnetic safety brake.

In the de-energized state, helical springs press against the armature disk. The rotor is held between the armature disk and the relevant screw-on surface of the machine. The shaft is braked via the toothed hub.

When the power is switched on, a magnetic field is built up. The armature disk is attracted against the spring pressure to the coil carrier. The rotor is released, and the shaft is able to rotate freely.

The brake brakes reliably and safely in the event of a power switch-off, a power failure, or an EMERGENCY STOP.

Due to the enclosed construction of the application-optimized ROBA-stop®-M pitch brake, it can also easily be installed outside the motor housing, in contrast to servo brakes.


  • 安装位置
  • 在伺服电机中,A 侧和 B 侧
  • Can be installed on the outside of the motor housing
  • 应用
  • Variant developed specially for pitch drives
  • 坚固的电机制动器
  • 工作周期
  • 适用于 100% 工作周期
  • 安全
  • 采用失效安全机制 ,所以安全可靠
  • 适合急停制动
  • 开关状态监控装置(可选)
  • 优点
  • 开关时间短
  • 允许高摩擦功
  • 规格
  • 电磁
  • 设备
  • 简单牢固的结构
  • 安装和维护
  • 安装方便
  • 维护需求少
  • 价格 - 性能
  • 低成本的电机制动器
  • 结构类型 - 防护等级
  • 防护等级 IP54
  • 可提供 IP66 防护等级

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