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Mauerstetten, 14.09.2016

A clean solution

Backlash-free ROBA®-linearstop safety brakes in electromagnetic design
A clean solution

ROBA®-linearstop brakes for vertical axes ensure reliable protection for people and materials in machines and systems. mayr® power transmission has developed an electromagnetic design of the tried and tested linear brake construction series for application cases where no compressors or units for compressed air or oil hydraulics are available or wanted. In particular in the medical technology or foodstuffs industries, the fluid-free version is a clean brake solution. ROBA®-linearstop brakes are designed to safeguard gravity-loaded vertical axes. In case of power failure or emergency stop, they hold the axes reliable in any position, protecting both people and machines from injury or damage. For applications, in which no compressors or units for compressed air or oil hydraulics are available or wanted, as is the case for example in the medical technology, the foodstuffs or the pharmaceutical industries, where the standards for hygiene are high, mayr® power transmission has developed the fluid-free electromagnetic version of the ROBA®-linearstop safety brake. The electrical cables can be inexpensively and easily laid; expensive components such as direction control valves, quick release valves and pressure hoses or pipelines are no longer required. If a pneumatic network or hydraulic system has already been installed, users can also – depending on the respective application case – utilise the tried and tested pneumatic or hydraulic designs of the ROBA®-linearstop linear brake designs. All three brake designs in the ROBA®-linearstop series work in accordance with the fail-safe principle; this means, they are closed in de-energised condition. The braking force is generated through pressure springs. Backlash-free force transmission As a compact brake unit, the ROBA®-linearstop can be easily and quickly integrated into existing machines and systems without any complicated adjustment work. It acts on a separate brake rod. This rod shifts during axial movement in the ROBA®-linearstop. When the brake closes, the brake rod is held backlash-free. The ROBA®-linearstop works without a self-reinforcing wedge effect and can therefore act in both directions. Due to the generation of force without a wedge effect and the very short reaction time, the axis does not sag downwards during closing. Furthermore, the clamping system for the release of the ROBA®-linearstop brake must not be freed up. Inspected quality The linear brakes available on the market today usually function as static clamping units, and have been designed to hold the axes at a standstill. However, people may also remain under suspended loads during commissioning, maintenance or even during the production process, without the load transfer having been conducted onto the mechanical linear brake. If complete failure of the drive occurs in such operating modes, the linear brake alone is responsible for the reliable delay of the load. For this reason, ROBA®-linearstop safety brakes are more than just clamping units. They have been designed to hold the load safely and are furthermore also suitable for emergency braking actions. Before a brake leaves the factory at mayr® power transmission in Mauerstetten, the required force is adjusted to an appropriately safe setting. This value is checked and recorded, and is therefore traceably assigned to every serial number. In order to facilitate this, the company has diverse, modern testing possibilities at its disposal, and is able to rely on decades of experience in development and design. The electronic database, in which the measurement values are archived together with the associated product serial numbers, guarantees 100% traceability.

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