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Mauerstetten, 04.10.2018

Intelligent control for brake technology 4.0

mayr® power transmission at the SPS IPC Drives 2018
Intelligent control for  brake technology 4.0

mayr® power transmission presents new designs of the intelligent modules ROBA®-brake-checker and ROBA®-torqcontrol at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg. These modules can easily and quickly monitor safety brakes or facilitate the even and smooth deceleration of machines – even with varying load. They make brakes fit for the challenges of the Industrie 4.0 government initiative and additionally create the prerequisites for preventative fault recognition and maintenance – the intelligent modules ROBA®-brake-checker and ROBA®-torqcontrol by mayr® power transmission. The ROBA®-brake-checker is now also available in a design for alternating voltage. In a next development stage, the module also takes over the brake control, thereby replacing a rectifier. This means, switching condition monitoring and brake control are combined in a single device. With the module ROBA®-torqcontrol, the company has developed an intelligent and economically-attractive solution making adjustable braking reactions possible, and bringing machines to a defined standstill – independent of the respective loading condition; as so far, the spring applied safety brakes, which only know the two operating conditions “braking torque available“ and “braking torque removed“, are dimensioned with regard to the maximum load. For devices and machines, which can have alternating loads, this can be particularly problematic if they are only partially loaded. This means, if the load is substantially more lightweight than the maximum permitted load, the braking torque might be way too high. Abrupt braking could then lead to load damages and might even be dangerous for people and machines. The solution to this problem is the control: The intelligent control module ROBA®-torqcontrol changes the braking torque during operation by influencing the current and the voltage in a targeted manner. This way the module provides the possibility to build up control loops and to brake movements intelligently – the ideal basis for use in smart, networked machines as in this way the brake can be adapted to the current load situation anytime. Integrated into a control loop, the ROBA®-torqcontrol can control the brake with regard to different parameters. Consistent braking torques, stopping distances or response delay times can be achieved. Only a signal transmitter is necessary, which provides, for example, a PLC with the information required. This, in turn, converts these signals into instructions for the ROBA®-torqcontrol module. Older machines can be retrofitted much more easily with the intelligent system by mayr® - so that they are fit for the Industrie 4.0 quickly and easily. Permanent brake monitoring and predictive maintenance Besides the ROBA®-torqcontrol module for controlling electromagnetic safety brakes, mayr® power transmission has developed an intelligent solution for monitoring the brakes with the ROBA®-brake-checker module. Both modules are based on the same functional principle. The ROBA®-brake-checker module exclusively serves to monitor the brakes; the ROBA®-torqcontrol module shares this monitoring function, and can also control the brakes. Users can select the appropriate solution depending on the application case. Both modules operate without sensors on the brake, but in a protected environment from the control cabinet. In addition to the switching condition, the modules can also determine the temperature, wear and tension path or tensile force reserve, i.e. whether the magnet still has sufficient force to attract the armature disk. With the new modules, a significantly larger number of processes can be depicted by the monitoring than was hitherto the case, for example using Hall sensors, microswitches or inductive proximity sensors. On reaching the tensile force reserve, the ROBA®-brake-checker and ROBA®-torqcontrol emit a warning signal, early enough so that a defined operating time of the brake is still possible. Within this time, the machine operator can undertake specific maintenance in coordination with their work process – maintenance with foresight, so to speak. mayr® power transmission at the SPS IPC Drives 2018: Hall 4, Stand 278

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