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Intelligent safety for assembly and handling

mayr® power transmission at the Motek 2019
Intelligent safety for assembly and handling

mayr® power transmission presents backlash-free shaft couplings for all drive constellations and reliable braking systems for vertical axes at the Motek 2019 in Stuttgart. In addition, the company will exhibit new designs of the ROBA®-brake-checker module which is not only able to monitor and supply safety brakes without the use of sensors, but also to supply data and thus provide intelligent safety. When it comes to automating production and assembly processes, loading and unloading machines quickly and efficiently or handling workpieces, all movements must be carried out highly accurately. Therefore, the shaft couplings which transmit the torques from the drive unit to the guide of a gripper, for example, have to work with high precision and at the same time cope with high loads. mayr® power transmission offers a wide spectrum of backlash-free, high-performance couplings for safe connections between shafts. These couplings are subject to very different requirements depending on the application case. That is why mayr® power transmission features different steel bellows, elastomer and disk pack couplings in its range. "The portfolio extends from servo couplings via industrial couplings right up to heavy-duty couplings", explains Ralf Epple, Product Manager at mayr® power transmission. The company has just supplemented its standard module range with numerous new hub designs and intermediate sleeves – recently with a new long intermediate sleeve for the ROBA®-ES elastomer couplings. "With the large range of variants, we create a high level of flexibility for the various applications”, explains Epple. Never compromise on safety mayr ® power transmission offers a wide portfolio of reliable safety brakes specifically for the safeguarding of gravity-loaded axes, and is permanently developing its product range. This is because hanging loads represent a substantial risk potential in machines and systems – in particular if people are standing under them. If inadvertent lowering or drops occur, the load must be brought to a standstill within the shortest possible time in order to protect people and material against damage. The different brake concepts by mayr® power transmission have been tailored to different machine requirements and offer the right solution for every application. The technologically-leading friction system and consistently considered safety principles stand for high performance density and above all safe and reliable brakes – as no compromises can be made on safety. Safety becomes visible mayr® power transmission offers an intelligent solution for the monitoring of safety brakes with its ROBA®-brake-checker module. The module works without sensors. It detects the movement of the armature disk by analysing current and voltage, and knows what condition the brake is in. In addition to the switching condition, temperature and wear, the ROBA®-brake-checker also monitors the pull-in distance or tensile force reserve, i.e. whether the magnet is still able to attract the armature disk. With the new module, substantially more parameter are thus depicted than with microswitches and sensors. On reaching the tensile force reserve, the ROBA®-brake-checker emits a warning signal early enough so that a certain operating time for the brake is still possible. In addition to the signal itself, the module also supplies for example through an optical interface, data on the switching time, the current, the voltage, the resistance, the power and the relative attraction current. The latter permits conclusions to be drawn regarding critical brake operating conditions. Using an evaluation programme, the customer can see whether everything is running smoothly or whether there is work that needs to be done. For example, an air gap which has become too large is detected in good time. Safety becomes visible, so to speak. Maintenance becomes plannable – the system operator or manufacturer is able to undertake maintenance in a targeted manner, aligned to their working processes. Furthermore, in case of problems, the error output also makes remote maintenance possible. The ROBA®-brake-checker module is now also available in an alternating voltage design. In a further development stage, the module simultaneously also takes over the control of the brake, thus replacing the rectifier. The switching condition monitoring and brake control are therefore combined in one device, and users do not need to procure additional components. In addition, small brake sizes from a braking torque of 0.7 Nm can now also be supplied and monitored using the ROBA®-brake-checker. mayr® power transmission at the Motek 2019 in Stuttgart: Hall 6, Stand 6324.  

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