ROBA®-duplostop®: Doubled safety brakes for elevator machines

ROBA®-duplostop®: Doubled safety brakes for elevator machines

  • Reliable due to fail-safe principle
  • Easy installation
  • Preset air gap
  • Noise-damped
  • Class of insulation F

The ROBA®-duplostop® is a redundant safety brake for elevator machines.


The ROBA®-duplostop® brake is a spring-applied, electromagnetic safety brake.

In de-energized condition, springs press against the armature disks. The rotor is therefore held between the armature disks and the relevant screw-on surface of the machine. The motor shaft is braked via the rotor.  

When the power is switched on, a magnetic field is built up. The armature disks are attracted against the spring pressure to the coil carrier. The rotor is released, and the shaft is able to rotate freely.

Product features

  • Application
  • Redundant safety brake for elevator machines
  • Mounting position
  • Installation at the free shaft end
  • Safety
  • Reliable due to fail-safe principle
  • Switching condition monitoring
  • Suitable for EMERGENCY STOP braking
  • Redundancy thanks to two independent brake circuits (EN 81)
  • Licensed as protection against excessive upward speeds
  • Design
  • Electromagnetic
  • Features
  • Rotating hand release for Bowden cable or with hand release lever possible
  • Mounting the encoder does not lengthen the construction
  • Construction - Protection class
  • Mechanical: protection IP10
  • Electric: protection IP54
  • Assembly and maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Preset air gap
  • Sound
  • Noise-damped
  • Temperature
  • Class of insulation F
  • Duty cycle
  • Suitable for use up to 60% duty cycle. Increased temperature with duty cycle >60%

Application example


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