• Input voltage 100 - 500 VAC
  • Consistently controlled output voltage
  • Enables overexcitation
  • Enables power reduction

ROBA®-multiswitch fast switching modules are used to connect DC consumers to AC voltage supplies, for example, electromagnetic brakes and clutches (ROBA-stop®, ROBA®-quick, ROBATIC®), as well as electromagnets, electrovalves, etc.

The ROBA®-multiswitch is used for operation at an input voltage of between 100 and 500 VAC, depending on the size. After switch-on, it emits the rectified bridge voltage for 50 ms and then adjusts automatically to a pre-programmed overexcitation voltage. After the overexcitation time ends, it regulates to the permanently programmed holding voltage. For the overexcitation voltage and holding voltage values of the standard design, please see the Table at the bottom of page 3. On special designs, deviating values are possible. The overexcitation time can be adjusted via a DIP switch to 150 ms, 450 ms, 1 s, 1.5 s, and 2 s.

  • Consistently controlled output voltage in the entire input voltage range
  • Consumer operation with overexcitation or power reduction
  • Input voltage: 100 – 500 VAC
  • Max. output current IRMS: 2 A; 4.5 A
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