• Input voltage 100 - 500 VAC
  • Enables overexcitation
  • Enables power reduction

ROBA®-switch fast acting rectifiers are used to connect DC consumers to AC power supplies, e.g. electromagnetic brakes and clutches (ROBA-stop®, ROBA®-quick, ROBATIC®), as well as solenoids, electrovalves, etc.

Depending on its size, the ROBA®-switch is designed for an input voltage between 100 and 500 VAC. It has an internal changeover circuit which switches the output voltage from bridge rectification to half-wave rectification. The bridge rectification time can be adjusted from 0.05 to 2 seconds by replacing the external resistor (Rext).

  • Operation of the load with overexcitation or power reduction
  • input voltage: 100 - 500 VAC
  • maximum output current Ieff: 3 A at 250 VAC


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