Shaft Couplings backlash-free and flexible



Top quality steel bellows coupling

  • Plug-in type
  • Backlash-free
  • Safe disassembly without putting the steel bellows at risk, even after longer periods of operation
  • Extremely compact design with high performance density
  • Easy installation via clamping or shrink disk connections
  • Frictional locking and positive locking shaft-hub connections
  • Excellent misalignment capability
  • Can be dimensioned variably from the modular construction
  • Cost-effective

your primeflex® configure

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Installation and Operational Instructions

933._33.1 / 933._35.1 / 933._66.1 / 933.67.1 (
primeflex-couplings Types 933._33.1 / 933._35.1 / 933._66.1 / 933._67.1

CAD Data