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Mauerstetten, 22.07.2019

Intelligent safety for elevator brakes

mayr® power transmission at the Interlift 2019
Intelligent safety for elevator brakes

At the Interlift 2019 in Augsburg, mayr® power transmission will present an intelligent monitoring module for the future of brake monitoring with its ROBA®-brake-checker. In addition, visitors can experience the whole range of tried-and-tested elevator brakes at the significantly enlarged stand (hall 7, stand 7101).  As market leader, mayr® power transmission is always one step ahead. This becomes apparent as the company offers a latest-generation monitoring solution with its intelligent module ROBA®-brake-checker. This module is already the prevailing technology for mayr® brakes today and has been tested on the market in many different branches. And the developments for the noise-damped elevator brakes also promise great success. The launch is planned for 2020. At the Interlift 2019, the company therefore presents to the elevator branch the new concept using which customers are able to generate a technical added value towards Industry 4.0.  Safety becomes visible The ROBA®-brake-checker module is able to supply and monitor safety brakes. And it does so without the use of sensors. Instead, it detects the movement of the armature disk by analysing current and voltage, and knows what condition the brake is in. In addition to the switching condition, temperature and wear, the ROBA®-brake-checker also monitors the pull-in distance or tensile force reserve, i.e. whether the magnet is still able to attract the armature disk. With the new module, substantially more parameters are thus depicted than with microswitches and sensors. On reaching the tensile force reserve, the ROBA®-brake-checker emits a warning signal early enough so that a certain operating time for the brake is still possible. In addition to the signal itself, the module also supplies for example through an optical interface, data on the switching time, the current, the voltage, the resistance, the power and the relative attraction current. The latter permits conclusions to be drawn regarding critical brake operating conditions. Using an evaluation programme, the customer can see whether everything is running smoothly or whether there is work that needs to be done. For example, an air gap which has become too large is detected in good time. Safety becomes visible, so to speak. Maintenance becomes plannable – the system operator or manufacturer is able to undertake maintenance in a targeted manner, aligned to their working processes. Furthermore, in case of problems, the error output also makes remote maintenance possible. In some countries, the regular maintenance procedures have to be carried out by Service personnel, and the results are documented manually. If such visits and Service work are no longer necessary, customers are able to save a lot of money. Proven release monitoring using the proximity switch Proven state-of-the-art and well-established on the market today: The contactless release monitoring with inductive proximity switch. This integrated function monitoring prevents unpermitted operating conditions, such as for example the motor starting up against closed brakes. The system registers the operating condition of the brake and authorises the motor to start up only after release. Due to the fact that no mechanical parts are used, the release monitoring with proximity switch is wear-free. The service lifetime is independent of the switching frequency. Furthermore, the system is magnetic field-resistant and works absolutely reliably. It is also resistant to impacts and vibrations as there are no movable parts, and the electronics are completely encapsulated. Core competency elevator brakes mayr® power transmission has developed and produced elevator brakes for more than 25 years; these brakes have proved their worth on the market umpteen thousand times during this time period. With the market launch of the product series ROBA-stop®-silenzio®, ROBA®-sheavestop®, ROBA-stop®-Z, ROBA®-diskstop®, ROBA®-duplostop® and ROBA®-twinstop® as well as with countless application-optimised brake solutions, the company has installed technologically superior elevator brakes on the market, which meet all the requirements of existing and modern drive concepts. The wide range of products and the many years of experience as market and innovation leaders guarantee an objective and customer-oriented selection. mayr® power transmission is constantly further developing its brake solutions. This can also be seen at the Interlift 2019: With the ROBA®-elevstop®, the company presents a further development of the ROBA®-twinstop® principle for gearless elevator drives. This inexpensive solution offering adequate basic performance is primarily targeted at price-sensitive markets outside Europe.  All mayr® safety brakes are subjected to careful quality checks: These include quality assurance measures during the design process as well as a comprehensive final inspection. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that every single brake is supplied in the required quality. mayr® quality means 'Quality made in Germany', worldwide and independent of the location. At the subsidiaries in Poland and China the same quality standards apply as in Germany. The company Quality Management System there has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 in the same way as at the headquarters in Mauerstetten. mayr® power transmission at the Interlift 2019 in Augsburg: Hall 7, Stand 7101.

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