tendo®-PM: Permanent magnet motors and servo motors

tendo®-PM: Permanent magnet motors and servo motors

  • Very smooth running
  • Low noise
  • Individually adaptable
  • Brush service life 5000 to 6000 hours
  • Protection class IP 54 or IP 65

High performance gears

Many DC geared motors are designed to reduce speed and are not suitable for transmitting high torque. tendo®-PM motors reliably transmit any torque possible based on motor power and gear ratio and run very quietly:

  • generous gear design
  • high gear meshing
  • low circumferential backlash
  • minimal gear tolerances

Fixed bearing with optimized ball bearing

The optimized locating bearing with special grease filling on the A-side of the engine contributes significantly to the good running culture and favorable noise behavior of the engine. Many engine manufacturers do without a locating bearing and adapted grease filling and deliberately accept unnecessary noise, harmful vibrations and premature failure.

Best sealed The biggest shortcoming of most DC motors is their open design. They can no longer be used in critical ambient conditions. tendo®-PM motors also demonstrate their superiority here through:

  • Protection class IP54
  • Protection class IP65 (up to IP68 on request)

Very convenient and extremely reliable thanks to unique commutation

tendo®-PM motors have a striking commutation system with a generously dimensioned commutator, a high number of commutator laminations and large-area carbons with a correspondingly high wear volume. This technical "luxury" gives the tendo®-PM advantages that clearly set it apart from the standard:

  • Carbon service life of 5000 to 6000 hours (2000 to 3000 hours are usual)
  • smooth running due to low torque ripple and high speed consistency
  • extremely low noise
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