ROBA®-DS (heavy duty)

ROBA®-DS (heavy duty):

  • Suitable for heavy load applications
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Flexible modular system
  • Compensation of shaft misalignment
  • Maintenance-free

ROBA® -DS couplings connect shafts. They transmit torque torsionally rigidly and backlash-free. Angular misalignments and axial displacements are compensated for by single-jointed couplings, radial misalignments are also compensated for by double-jointed couplings.

On the ROBA®-DS with conical connection, the disk pack is connected via positive locking with the hubs, the flanges or the sleeves. Externally conical bolts are pulled into conical bores in the attachment parts and the collar bushings of the disk packs by tensioning screws. The conical shape produces forces which widen the collar bushings and the attachment parts radially elastically, thus guaranteeing a backlash-free connection of the disk pack. For this backlash-free, positive locking connection, far lower screw tightening torques are required in comparison to standard frictionally locking connections. This makes installation substantially easier. The disk packs and the sleeves can be installed and de-installed radially without having to move the respective aggregates.

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Product features

  • Application
  • Suitable for heavy load applications
  • Unlimited use in alternating load possible
  • Design
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Flexible modular system
  • Available in rustproof design
  • Benefits
  • Compensation of axial, angular and radial misalignments
  • Backlash-free
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Full nominal torque use, even on alternating torques and shaft misalignments
  • Can be installed / de-installed radially
  • Low screw tightening torques
  • No hydraulic installation tools required; can be installed with a torque wrench
  • Assembly and maintenance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Wear-free
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