• Targeted braking torque control
  • Delays devices and machines gently
  • Monitors brakes without sensors
  • Detects errors before they occur
  • Can be integrated into existing systems

ROBA®-torqcontrol monitoring modules are used to supply, monitor and control released ROBA-stop® safety brakes. Movement monitoring of the armature disk for released ROBA-stop® safety brakes is possible without a sensor.

  • Operation of the consumer with overexcitation and/or power reduction
  • Regulated output voltage (with reduction)
  • Simple setting of holding voltage and overexcitation time via DIP switch
  • Fast or slow switch-off
  • Armature disk condition detection (release and drop detection)
  • Preventive function monitoring (wear and fault detection) - warning of critical conditions is given before the brake can no longer be operated, e.g. in the event of wear ⇨ Analog OUT
  • Control of the resulting clamping force of the brake rotor for adapting the braking torque
  • Wide input voltage range (24....48 VDC)
  • Maximum output current I (10....5 A)
  • Maximum overexcitation current I O (20....10 A)
  • Automatic reduction to holding voltage UH
  • Potential separation of power terminal and control terminal


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