ROBA®-SBCplus: Safe brake control - can be used up to PLe and SIL CL3

ROBA®-SBCplus: Safe brake control - can be used up to PLe and SIL CL3

  • Applicable up to PLe and SIL CL3
  • Switches two brakes safely
  • Separate control and power section
  • Configurable overexcitation time

The safe brake control ROBA®-SBCplus is used to control and monitor two ROBA-stop® safety brakes, especially in applications that have requirements for personal protection according to functional safety standards such as ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.

Highest switching reliability

The brake control must reliably interrupt the current in the solenoid coil when the brake is switched off. The ROBA®-SBCplus module uses wear-free electronic semiconductors and thus achieves practically unlimited switching frequency and switching reliability.

Safe internal design

The "fail-safe" internal design includes internal diagnostic tests for short circuits, ground faults and line interruptions as well as safe overexcitation for releasing the brake and switching to reduced holding voltage when the brake is open.

Numerous safety functions

Numerous safety functions enable comprehensive fault diagnostics. The brake voltage is monitored. If the voltage is too high, the release time could be dangerously prolonged when the brake is switched off if, for example, this causes a vertical axis to sag unacceptably far. Monitoring the switching times, which have an influence on the braking distance, is therefore a further component of fault diagnostics.

Safe switching condition monitoring

The signal evaluation of the release monitoring with plausibility check enables the switching condition of the brake to be monitored. The plausibility is thus checked: If voltage is present, the brake must be released after a defined time and vice versa. The switching status monitoring can be used to reliably prevent the drive from moving against a closed brake. Creeping errors, such as increasing wear, which have an influence on the switching times, can be detected in this way.

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